Our Rates

Finding the perfect fit

Every client and project is unique.

We work collaboratively with our clients utilizing a clear and rigorous process that allows for the greatest creativity. Our programs deliver measurable results for our clients and we have built our reputation on delivering innovative and effective solutions while successfully completing projects on-time and on-budget.

Additional Services

For projects that require ongoing maintenance or updates (content populating, website backups, Google Analytics reports, etc.), we offer monthly Retainer Packages.

In addition to designing and developing, we also offer Consultation Services if you’re stuck in the planning/strategic phase of a project, or have designs that need a UX review before moving into development. A full breakdown of all our offerings is listed below.

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Service Rates

Rates to fit your needs

Our rates are broken down by service type below:

A typical website project without any custom templates or functionality would fall somewhere in the 30-40 hour range. More complex projects (requiring databases, members area, unconventional layouts, payment processing, etc.) are typically 50+ hours depending on complexity.

These are rough guidelines only and final pricing will be determined based on client needs. A fully broken down estimate will be provided once project specifics have been worked out, prior to the start of any job.

*Please note that with any project we take on, we have a 3-hour minimum in order to ensure we have enough time and resources to provide stellar service.


Experience and Knowledge

Over the years we have positioned ourselves as experts in our field. We have a wide variety of clients in various industries, all with varying and specific needs. This has also grabbed the attention of RED Academy in downtown Toronto, where one of our partners now teaches courses on UX design.

In addition to creating our own custom content, we are often asked by new and existing clients to assess layouts / designs that they have created in-house. we do this to ensure they meet a number of criteria including exceptional UX (User Experience), Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization.

We take pride in the work we create through our tried and tested process of ‘from conception to deployment’ and as a result will only develop projects that we feel meet the highest UX and design standards. To reach those standards we offer consultation services to bring the initial design phase to the best it can be, before starting any development.

Retainer Packages

Maintain your project

To explain our retainer packages to clients, we often use the analogy of buying a new car – you have the initial investment of the car itself (or website/design service) but need to take it in for regular maintenance to make sure it’s running optimally; the same goes for your website/design service. We offer regular maintenance and content creation packages to keep everything running smoothly.

For additional background on website maintenance, check out our article ‘Make your own website‘.

Website Retainers

Our flexible retainer packages can be upgraded at any time as your business needs grow. Our monthly Website Retainer includes:

1. CMS (WordPress) updates
2. Plugin updates
3. Monthly website backups
4. Monthly website status update via Google Analytics reports

Design Retainers

Don’t have a website, but need design/content creation on the regular?
We offer a discount on our hourly design rate if you pre-pay for hours each month – details below.